Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assignment 3: Site Model

Assignment 3: Model Images

Assignment 3: Interior Vignettes

This goes from reverse order so from inside back to outside

The Viewing Area
The blackened out kitchen showing relation between public and private space
The Open courtyard
(Sorry it is missing the opening and the staircase)
And then back to the front of the building in which we have the elevated gallery spaces

Assignment 3: Renders inside a room

Bedroom facing towards back of the building

Looking outside to viewing area and entrance to bedroom

Looking into the room from the back even though usually you would be unable to stand there and people are not able to view in
Looking into the room from the viewing glass even though usually you would be unable to stand there and people are not able to view in

Assignment 3: Floor plans and Sections

Section plan

This here is my floor plan. Basically the movement of the people is from left to right. They enter from king street and into the shop. The first once they enter are twogallery spaces that are both inclined. there is a ramp for them to move to this area. After the two gallerys is the open coutyard in which more sculptures can be placed. There is also a flight of stiars for people to the second floor in which they then arrive on a viewing platform to look at the scupltures that where seen below.

Then the movement is back down the same flight of stairs and then into another corridor in which there will be another two openings. One leads to the office whilst the other a living room display area. This area is mean to be set up in a similar fashion to how people will set up their living room. In this space is a showroom type space therefore it would have been in a way for people to walk in and understand the atmosphere. This area will also have a skylight in which to allow for direct sun lighting and no requirements for artificial lights.

There is then another courtyard but enclosed, this could be space for work in-progress sculptures. Then it is followed by the workshop which also has a big garage door in which it would allow for loading and unloading of materials and tools or finished jobs. There is still plenty of space in the backyard in which the space could be used for as an outdoor workshop as Ulric is sculptor of nature.

Upstairs is the followed by going either left or right in which it leads to kitchen and storeroom respectively. The kitchen has no lighting but will receive some from the viewing area as it is all clear. Though it is completely omitted of light this also is a dividing of public and private space.

Assignment 3: Case Study

The Lourve Extention

I wish to take this idea into my deigning of my gallery space. I wish to be able to make a spiral staircase in which it can used to move from different levels but also at the same time it acts a viewing area. It would also allow for the viewing of artwork in a different perspective.

Assignment 3: Site Choice

For the this third assignment I wish to choose the long site on King Street (Site 1). The reason for the choice of this was because I wanted to work with a narrower frontage as Site 3 was at least two times wider and Site 2 was a corner block.

In relation to my artist being Ulric Steiner I decided that the longer site would work especially since there is more of a back entrance to the building which could be an easier way of transporting marble and his sculpturing materials and tools.

There is also the park in the back which does give it a slight more natural feel from the busy nature of King Street in Newtown. It could also work as a way to in which he doe most of his works in the open as well as being able to show his exhibits to people there as well and how his work can blend in a garden area.